Structview SHOWROOM
An innovative way to present products.

StructView Showroom is an innovative tool for marketing and sales. It allows you to display all product information on a single, interactive 3D model. Modern methods of product presentation are based on providing the customer with complete information about its appearance and technical details. The more accurate and more accessible the data is, the greater the chance to attract the customer’s attention. Manufacturers and sellers of interior furnishings are increasingly willing to meet the expectations of the market and are looking for new, flexible forms of product presentation.

An attractive form of presentation

Highest quality 3D model that allows you to present all the details of the product and the textures of its materials.

Greater efficiency of cooperation with the customer

StructView Showroom expands your set of sales tools. A simple and clear offer available on any device allows you to build relationships with more customers.

Competitive advantage

StructView Showroom is a tool made for present-day marketing. It shapes the image of a cutting-edge company that keeps pace with changes on the market.

Optimizing the cost of renting exhibition space

The whole offer can be displayed on a multimedia totem. Realistic models in all configurations will reduce the actual number of products on exhibition.


More than 360° presentation

The product, its technical details and nuances can now be seen from any angle and in any close-up, also as a cross-section.

Intuitive user interface

An interface that provides information on the product in a simple and engaging way. The customer does not need a user guide.

Product configuration

The model presents all available finishing materials and accessories. The customer can design their product.

Ready to use

You can easily implement StructView Showroom  on your website or e-commerce platform.

Extend the range of your marketing activities

You can use Structview Showroom on your website, multimedia totems and mobile devices.

Additional business tools

Showroom interior

A fully arranged interior that presents more products. Each product is ready for a full configuration and can be looked at from any perspective. This tool is designed for the purpose of interactive presentations in your existing showrooms.

Dynamic environment of the product

A uniform background enhanced with the function of defining colors in real time. Let the customer choose the upholstery color that will match the walls in their apartment.

Product card

Generate attractive product cards based on the client’s configuration.

Trading panel

A tool that improves the process of managing different needs of your clients. It simply gives you a platform for a more creative and dynamic cooperation on many levels. Each sales person creates their own account, through which they can prepare product documentation and share it with the client.

Merging with the existing system

The offer is automatically generated in a format compatible with the company’s internal system which improves the preparation of quotes.

Product comparison engine and product suggestions

It helps the client browse through your company’s offer.

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