We provide full consulting and technical support for our products.

Our offer

The services we offer ensure that StructView solution is developed and implemented within one project team, without the need for outsourcing. As a result, you get the guarantee of the highest quality of work and a full commitment of our staff. Also, you are able to make changes at any stage of the project. Our interdisciplinary team is able to carry out various tasks – ranging from the assembly of technical documentation to the implementation and maintenance of IT systems. We offer full support for:

3D Modeling

Bulding 3D models on the basis of technical documentation (CAD/BIM) or other types of documentation, e.g. sketches, concepts, photographs, physical models, dimensioning of existing forms, 3D scanning.

Photorealistic visualizations

We provide high quality static visualisations - ideal for the preparation of high-impact printed materials and web pages.


We have experienced professionals in the field of spatial arrangement and interior design of offices, apartments and public buildings.


We provide full support with modifying your existing IT solutions, data migration, development and integration of new IT systems.


We guarantee full support with the implementation of StructView. We select optimal solutions, train your staff, at the same time offering you broad post-implementation support.

Field research for architecture

We support architectural design in its early phase, forming its conceptual frame that is the end result of the location's unique qualities as well as its cultural and social context.


Depending on your needs, all our products can be delivered with full infrastructure and technical support in terms of server and client solutions.

Consultatancy services

We would like to encourage you to contact our specialists. They will provide you with technical consulting, needs analysis and a creative approach to every topic - for all of our services.


If you require additional or custom services, please contact us.

IT Infrastructure

To meet all your expectations and provide you with the highest quality of products, we would like to offer you full infrastructure support for our solutions. Depending on your needs, we will implement dedicated server, network and system solutions or databases.

Servers | Hosting

We can host StructView within our cloud infrastructure or deliver a dedicated network solution.

Data bases

Full integration with existing systems and data bases.

Touch screens

We provide hardware support for our solution.