Interactive, spatial model of a city as a means of communication with its residents and a tool for public consultation in urban planning

Modern cities are developing at an unprecedented pace. Effective planning in a context of intense urbanization is not only a requirement, it is also a challenge. How to create and maintain a balanced, functional and friendly urban fabric?

This requires a research into local conditions related to transport, environment and function of architecture. A continuous dialogue between designers and users must be ensured. It is a complicated process that requires proper organisation, appropriate tools and systematic work.

StructView City is an interactive, 3D city model. It is a modern alternative to traditional two-dimensional maps. It is a way to provide clear and comprehensible information at any stage in the spatial development process.

Built-in testing and reporting tools allow to run public consultation as part of the investment and urban revitalization, while reducing the related costs.

Residents can submit their comments and mark all issues and needs
related to the planned or existing area. This way, they gain an opportunity to actively participate in the process of building their city.

StructView City is an online tool that provides a communication platform for architects, developers and urban space users or dwellers.

Pre-study research in 3D applicable to drafting plans, revitalization programs and designing public space.

Cooperation with local communities based on a three-dimensional city model. Virtual tours, function mapping, consulting the local plans and revitalization projects.

Information on new investments. Visualization of project volume. Clear explanations of planning indicators. Sunlight simulation.

Creating the local identity of the urban population through spatial education. Supporting grassroots democracy. Promoting good practice of local councils.

Conducting polls, submitting application forms, mapping needs and spatial problems. Analysis and logging of all collected data.

Integration with smart city systems via StructView SMART

StructView City integrates with other systems

Complete and valuable platform for managing city development.

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