Solutions supporting the process of presentation and sales of residential and commercial properties
Investment location

A detailed representation of the investment's immediate surroundings in excellent visual quality. StructView ESTATE allows you to present and highlight all the area's advantages that are relevant to the client.

Presentation of investment

StructView Estate solution showcases the completed investment regardless of the actual construction phase. It allows the client to take a look at the latest offer in a fast and easy way. They will be able to explore the layout of the building, check availability of selected apartments and compare them.

Presentation of apartments

Your customer receives a unique solution that allows them to get familiar with the apartment of their choice. StructView ESTATE presents the apartment’s layout in a simple and clear way. The customer can take a look at sample interior design and customize it to fit their needs. He or she can take a virtual walk around the apartment and even look out of one of its windows.

Attractive Sales Suites

StructView Estate means full marketing support. Our solution is excellent for touch screens, e.g. those used in sales suites. It makes a real estate dealer’s job more efficient by engaging the buyer's attention and imagination, at the same time increasing sales effectiveness.

We define a new standard of real estate offer presentation.

A virtual mock-up supporting real estate developers during the process of sales and online marketing campaign. StructView platform allows you to effectively work with clients from all over the world, while reducing your operating costs.

We deliver state-of-the-art solutions that facilitate the presentation of your investment. Tailored strictly to your needs, StructView solutions will efficiently present all the advantages of your property: from its attractive surroundings, unique architecture and functionality, through interior design – to fine finishing details.

Our three dimensional model replaces static visualizations and traditional floor plans and provides a comprehensible and realistic feeling of a given space.

Interactive 3D model displays all information related to the offer, at a specified level of detail.

Presentation of floor plans and sections of buildings, supplied with descriptions and dimensions. Automatically generated unit presentation cards.

Clients dynamically change the arrangement of a selected interior and have a go at designing a turnkey apartment.

Presentation of the whole investment or its selected parts in the form of a virtual walk.

Quick analysis of sales indicators; management of offers.

Presentation of apartment availability, integrated with existing CRM and BI.

StructView ESTATE integrates with other systems.

A complete and valuable platform to manage real estate portfolio.

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