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March 23, 2015
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Developer, show yourself in 3D


With intensive development of new technologies, the developer is faced with a particular challenge of presenting his offer in a way that will both attract the right customer and focus his attention on the most important features of the property. Therefore, most of the presentation is based on visual communication which is expected to get the client’s imagination going and make him want to purchase a particular apartment. The potential of content here is big but unfortunately not always used effectively.

When it comes to the right perception of the apartment, often the buyer’s biggest problem are flat 2D plans which he will find impossible to visualize. Although offers from the real estate market use photorealistic visualizations, those in the opinion of customers are over-exaggerated and often differ hugely from reality. These known challenges of offer presentation turn buying a house (often a lifetime investment) into a lengthy, difficult and frustrating process. A clash of ideas with reality is quite often a big disappointment.

At every stage of the selling process the developer can turn to modern technologies. These support effective online communication with customers through online advertising and provide updates on the current stage of the investment. They also create new channels of communication with customers, since the usual ads containing photos are replaced with multimedia presentations and virtual tours.

It is widely known that the most effective promotional solutions are those that are able to fully engage us. Experiential marketing is based on creating a direct positive customer experience of the brand or product. This mechanism stimulates emotions and makes the consumer voluntarily engage in interaction which directly influences his purchasing decisions – far better than any conventional advertising. Videos and interactive online visualizations significantly increase the attractiveness and efficiency of activity on the web. Technological solutions are becoming a trend which is successfully earning sympathy of buyers as well as developers’ trust. What they offer to customers is an easy way not only to see and analyze but, above all, feel that what they buy is what they have long been looking for. Today’s customers require access to data in real time, with high quality graphics. It is vital that the customer experience is truly unique. For example, it can be a walk around the apartment, a chance to rearrange some pieces of equipment, or even an opportunity to look out of a window in your future apartment – and that being possible long before the construction works start. It is also important that all these things are available from the customer’s own browser – without a need to follow any instructions or install additional plug-ins.

Interactive and 3D visualizations (used online on the website or on touch screens, supported by a range of sales management modules) become a salvation for developers. Often, it is enough for the client to “walk into” the apartment to realize that this is the place he wants to come back to every day after work and spend time with his family. In such case, he may still have a look at some other offers but deep down he already knows that his search has ended. It will now just be a matter of filling in some forms before moving into his ideal home.

The habits of the new generations of consumers who grew up on games and the Internet can be used to the seller’s advantage. It’s on the Internet where customers look for reliable information and services. If the developer is not there, and he is not able to stand out, his business may not survive this. This trend can’t be stopped. You can use it to your advantage … or be left behind.