On June 29 – July 1 2015, representatives of 76 countries met in Stockholm for a third and final Future of Places conference which hosted Urban Thinkers Campus “Public Space in the New Urban Agenda”. The event was organized by UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme), in cooperation with Project for Public Spaces of New York and the Swedish Ax: son Johnson Foundation. On this occasion we had the pleasure to present StructView FRAME (to see it go to: <a target=”_blank href=”http://www.sustasis.net/Non-Oral%20Compendium/Adamczak.pdf>this link</a>).

438 people, among them representatives of up to 344 organizations, including politicians, academics, NGOs and the private sector, worked on the conclusions and guidelines for urbanization in the future – in the face of major global problems of fast-growing cities. The meeting is one of the final steps in the process, ongoing since 2011, in which the leaders of “placemaking” – both theorists and practitioners – together develop a new direction for designing sustainable human-oriented urban space, with an emphasis on creating an inclusive public space.

UN-Habitat was established as an agency of the United Nations in 1978, after the First Conference on Habitat (Habitat I in Vancouver, 1976), since 2002 has been recognized as a full-fledged UN program. In 2016, Quito will host a Habitat III conference (Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Urban Development), during which documents which are the result of many years of the Platform Future of Places will finally be approved.

We have invited all individuals and institutions who represented Poland in Stockholm in order to work together on informing the Polish society of professionals about new guidelines which will be introduced by UN Habitat in member countries. Stay tuned for updates on activities of our group.